Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How to Appreciate your teachers (for Teacher Appreciation Week)

It is Teacher Appreciation Week this week - did you know?
This is the week that you let your (or your children's) teacher(s) know that you are thankful for all that they do.
What should you do?  Some grand gesture?  Actually, some of the best ideas are simple ones.
How about a bookmark.  It is easy to make your own, printed on cardstock or stamped with a bit of ribbon.
How about a simple baked treat?
How about a handmade set of Monogram cards, perfect for them to send a little note to someone.
Here is how you can very easily make a set:

1.  Open an 8.5" x 11" page in your print program (I use Storybook Creator by Creative Memories, but you could use Adobe Photoshop and can even do a very simple set in Word).  I set mine up to be portrait.

2. Determine the measurements that you want for your card (usually determined by your envelope size).  To keep things simple, I am dividing my page in half, so that I will have 2 cards on one sheet, each card will be 5.5" x 4.25".

3.   Create a text box in one of the right hand boxes that is about 1.5" wide.  Type your monogram letter in this box.  It should be about large and take up most of the center and in a very bold font (I choose Pickwick, 132 pt.)

If you are doing this process, you will then need to flatten it, in order to fill it with a paper.  Some programs, allow you to insert the shape of the letters and fill them immediately with any paper.  Here is the difference.  In the upper corner, I added a letter in a text box, and then flattened it (therefore, making it an element).  Then, I was able to fill it with a digital paper.  In the lower corner, I inserted the same letter, as a shape, filled with the same paper, but in this program, you can add a border, so I did.

Either way would work.  Now, all you need to do it print them and cut them in half and then fold those in half.  Walla - Monogram cards!

There are many things that you can add to these cards - shadows, elements, ribbons, etc.  But simple is very nice, too!  Make up 5 or 6, add envelopes to match, tie with a ribbon together & instant present!

Thanks to all the teachers in the world!  We love you!