Friday, January 18, 2013

Mousescrappers Speed Scrap Marathon!

I simply LOVE this time of year!
It is the 3rd annual Mousescrappers Speed Scrap Marathon.  For 3 days (starting in 30 minutes), they will have organized speed scraps to help you get pages scrapbooked.  I love it because I can get 16 pages done of my Disney stuff and earn prizes, too!  For each Speed Scrap that you finish in time, you get a participation prize and if you complete 8 of them by the deadline on Monday, you get a half-marathon goodie bag.  If you complete all 16 by Monday - the full goodie bag!  I love this because even if I miss the prize for an individual speed scrap, I can still finish it and get the goodie bag.

I found these tips over at Capturing Magical Memories blog:

Here are my hints for first timers:
  • Find a Quiet Place: You don’t have to give up your weekend and sit in front of the computer (unless you want to of course). But try to schedule a couple of hours each day to go through the Speed Scrap challenges and put some pages onto paper.
  • Be Late for Your First Scrap: Yes, I did just say be late. But the first time I did a Speed Scrap I got so confused. If you wait until a couple of people finish first and upload their pages you can see how the directions were used. It’s sort of cheating but makes it a lot less stressful.
  • Don’t Get Stressed: Just because the name is Speed Scrap does not mean you are being measured by how fast you go. Most challenges have a minimum window of 4 hours to get it done. Many of the hosts are much more generous so always go ahead and post your page for the world to see. (if you are a traditional scrapper just take a quick photo of the page – nothing fancy)
  • Have Fun: Just go with the flow. Join the chat room and meet some new friends.

So, head on over and get you scrap on!

You will find me there ;)