Friday, July 5, 2013

Iron Scrapping & Guest CT experience

Well, it has been a busy last 6 scrapping months!
It seems like everything has been right on top of another thing.  I have gone from 1 site event to another - Mousescrapper's Birthday, OScraps 7th Birthday, Scrap Orchard Scrapper Bowl.  Then, I joined M&M Designs page converting team for templates.  She designs more templates than I would have believed possible.  She started with just me, added another converter immediately and has since added 2 more ladies to share the load.  Almost as soon as I learned that I would be converting, I learned that I won a guest CT (creative team member) spot for OScraps from their birthday challenge.
That was a huge learning experience for me.  I have always wondered what it would be like to be a Creative Team member.  I created 1-2 LOs a week for 2 months using their product.  I received GCs to pick up whatever product I wanted, plus lots of extras of new product. I did a total of 30 layouts!  It was so inspiring to have access to all of those items.  They of course wanted you to use the product you downloaded immediately so that they could use it for advertising.  Being a guest was much easier than being a full team member.  I had more freedom, but I was supposed to comment in the forums and leave "love" on customers LOs.  I am really glad that I had the opportunity, but it was also a lot of pressure.  I felt like I should have been in the forums more than I was.  I will go into the next opportunity with more knowledge.
My favorite LO that I did for OScraps was this one of my Dad.  It is one of those special photos that I haven't scrapped and was almost afraid to.  I just LOVE how it turned out.  It is using Paula Kesselring's Just Me & Dad

Well, I am done with my CT, but I still have a ton of goodies to work with and a couple more gift certificates for their collabs to pick.  All in all, a great experience.
Now, I am on to the next challenge - Scrap Orchard's Iron Scrapper.  This is a month long celebration.  For every challenge that you do, you get points to win some pretty big prizes, including a laptop and TONS of product!
I just did the Week 1 Challenge using their bundle called Into the Forest, the Facebook Hop, Crop IS Battle, Avatar Challenge and made a new siggy (above).  So far, I have 8 points out of 8, but tonight is another event and I don't think that I will make that one.  A huge downside is that you do have to spend money to do many of the challenges.
Well, Wish me LUCK!


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