Sunday, August 9, 2015

Still Surviving on Survivor

I love a challenge!

No, really, I simply love a good challenge, like it is a secret to unlock and something new to learn. It is one of the reasons that I have fallen in love with Digital Scrapbooking.  This month, Gingerscraps has been hosting it's Survivor Challenge.
The competition started July 19th and runs every week until September 1.  Just like the TV show, we have alliances (I started a Disney lovers one of course), we have immunity challenges, weekly challenges and tribal council to vote some off the island.
This year's Survivor theme is Lost At Sea.  It is all themed around having our scrapping ship taken over by pirates.
Week 1's challenge was for us to disguise ourselves as pirates to blend in with the mauraders
Here is how mine turned out.
I actually took my kids to the park with a box of pirate gear and dressed up to take photos.  Many of the contestants used app or photo shop to change themselves into Pirates

Week 2's challenge was send a "message in a bottle" to someone to ask for help.
I sent my plea to the only Pirate that I can think - Captain Jack Sparrow.

Now, this week's challenge was to show off what you treasured.  This was a little harder
I went with a quote from Walt and my love of learning and books.

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