Thursday, January 30, 2014

New Year, New Beginnings

hello all of you out in digi-land!

I am not sure about you, but New Year's is so wonderful.  It is a great chance to start fresh, make new promises (even if you break them) and just plain look forward & up!  I have never been huge into the resolutions that many make since they seem so fleeting, so I don't usually use those words.  Instead, I try to make myself promises to do better.
After spending the entire month of December with my entire family sick, I REALLY wanted to start the new year fresh.  I looked at what things I could make a difference in.
One big one is to make a conscious effort to think positively - boy is that harder than it seems.
Of course, I also made some healthy promises.  Drink more water (always), eat smaller meals, and drink less soda.  Eh, not doing so hot, but it is an on-going battle.
My last promise is to get my scrapbook albums DONE.  It seemed silly to me that I scrapbook all the time and gets tons of pages done, but not actual  albums done and that even if they are done, they aren't printed and in my hands.
I jumped right onto the 2012 album that I tried to do last year and had only gotten to early February with a smattering of misc pages done throughout.   So far, this month, I have done 34 pages, with 28 of those pages for the 2012 February & March album.  I feel like I am actually making progress!  The next time that Persnickety has a print sale, I plan on printing a batch of whatever is done so that I can start enjoying them now!

So, rather it is for New Year's or anytime - make a promise to yourself to make improvements.  Even if you change your mind or don't get very far, you will get farther than if you hadn't tried at all.

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