Friday, September 23, 2016

Fall is Here!

Boy, have the months flown by.  I have been more busy than I ever have before.  Since I last posted here, we have sold our old house and bought a new (much bigger) one.  We went from a postage stamp yard to 2 acres to take care of.

I even changed my siggy for it

This even looks like my life!  We still have boxes all over and are trying to find room for things!  But we love the new house so much.

So, I scrapbooked some of the changes over the past few months.  To start, I will a little trepidicious.

Then, the excitement started to build and the waiting was so hard

I can see more layout about getting our keys

 But, one of the first big changes was all the fresh fruit and veggies
We worried about our kitty
But one of my favorite parts is when the sun comes up

So much change, but so wonderful!  I think that now that things have settled down, I can keep up better her! LOL

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