Tuesday, December 1, 2015


What is #31DaysofJoy, you ask?  Why should I want to join in?

Back in March of 2014, I stumbled upon a inspirational idea - The 100 Happy Days.  I had already been thinking about ways to concentrate on the good things in life, and so when I read about the idea to take a picture each day of something that makes you happy, I was quick to join in.  Even though I did not take a picture every single one of the 100 days, I still feel like it was a HUGE success.  I found myself looking forward to finding something Happy.  I found it everywhere!

With the approach of the Holidays, I have been thinking about what a positive influence it had been on my life and have considered what else I could do to focus on the important part of this month.  Worry less about all that other stuff that gets in the way of enjoying the Christmas holidays.  The hustle, lines, illness, trying to fit everything in.  It is easy to loose track of the joy of this month.   That was when I put the two together and thought how great it would be to celebrate December with a joyful photo EACH day!  The #31DaysofJoy was born.

Please join along and find something that brings you Joy each day this month.  Take a photo of it and use the hashtag #31DaysofJoy and share them to bring Joy to others, too!   The photos can be anything that brings you Joy.  Simple things like an ornament that reminds you of something Joyful, driving to see Christmas lights, a smile on your child's face, a holiday gathering with family & friends, getting cozy in your blankets - whatever is Joyful to you!!  The photo does not need to be some perfect Photographers one, just that it is of something Joyful.  Let's spread as much Joy as we can.  I will be sharing mine on my Intagram and Facebook and then I will update here as well.

Here is my first picture.  I love waking up to my beautiful Christmas tree each morning.  It always reminds me of years of Christmas traditions and happy holidays gathered around the tree.

What makes you Joyful??

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