Friday, December 18, 2015

Kellybell's End of Year Blog Train & New Wanna Trade kit

If you love Disney, then you probably are a collector of some kind of Disney memorabilia.  That might include trading pins, Vinylmations, mouse ears, t-shirts, ornaments, princess costumes or lots of other fun stuff to fill up your house!  Kelly's newest collection today is perfect for collectors.  It's a pocket collection filled with bright happy colors and lots of adorable trading tidbits.

These new releases can be found inside the  Kellybell Designs Store inside priced at 25% off this weekend only.  You can view all the CT layouts at  Kelly's Blog or Kelly's Facebook Page.
You can see mine here:

I am more a Pin Hoarder than a Pin Trader ;)  hehe

It's the end of the year and this is the final blog post for 2015 for Kellybell Designs.  I was excited to be asked to be part of the fun this year and create a freebie along with all of the other Kellybell Creative Team.   The theme is rope drop word art.  I know you're going to love it!
Here is your blog train path:

Kelly and Ana -

Linda and Lynnette -

Lisa -

Charlene -

Jenn -

Julie -

JessicaK -

Jennifer -

Amy -

JulieP -
LindaP -
Meagan -

Roxana -

Warmest holiday wishes to your and your family!  See you next year!

I used Mousetastic, the alpha from Temple of Doom and Mouse Memories Extras to create a word art for those days when the parks are "Very Crowded"!!  I hope you like it.  Click on the image or here to grab it.


  1. Thank you for the awesome word art!

  2. Unfortunately, this is so very true ... it wasn't always like that though. There would be times when the crowds weren't so bad. Now, no matter when you go, there are long lines! Thanks for the beautiful word art!!

  3. Yep, this one everyone can use, wish it wasn't true! Thanks for sharing it!


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