Sunday, May 29, 2011

Digital Scrapbooking Challenges

Hello all,
I have recently been dabbling more than a little bit in the digital world of scrapbooking.  Of course, it all started with my own scrapbook pages.  I started scrapbooking digitally a few years ago.  At that time, I was still a Creative Memories Consultant and used their software and kits exclusively.  They had a ton of stuff that I loved They had pre-designed pages that made completely pages super easy.  They had "Power Palettes" that combined lots of papers and embellishments in the same color group to change things up and additions that coordinated as well.  They even had a contract with Disney, so I got official Disney pages and embellishments, too!
Then . . . I ran into a friend of mine one day who mentioned how many websites she visited daily downloading free kits.  She joked about how it was like an obsession.  I laughed.  I thought that was silly.  She mentioned how she ran out of space on her computer since she downloaded so many kits (most of them free).
She started sending me the links to these digital freebies, so I would check them out.  WOW!  My world has been turned around.  Now, I can see what she meant by it is an obsession.  When you are faced with all these cool freebies that designers have put out there, it is really hard to NOT download them ALL!  Sometimes, over 100 come out in a day!  I have downloaded so many kits, I am not sure what to do with them all.  I am getting better at deciding what I will use and what I will not.  I find that I download almost any kit that is Zoo, or Disney and I have designers that I love.

There is a website that every other month does a huge "Blog Train" where over 100 designers put together mini kits of the same theme and colors.  You then jump from one blog to the next collecting all these bits that coordinate together.  June will be their next train.  To collect the freebies, visit the websites and make sure to leave a comment from each designer that you download from to thank them for their work:

A website that I have mentioned before is Design House Digital.  They have weekly freebies, discounted kits, challenges, forums and more.  If you participate in the challenges, you could win gift certificates to their store.  I try to do at least a few of their challenges each month.

One of my favorite designers is Britt of Britt-ish Designs.  She is a big Disney fan and many of her kits are reminiscent of Disney.  Of course, it would illegal for her to actually make Disney stuff to sell, which is why what she put together is so cool.  If there is something in Disneyland, or a character that you love, you probably has a kit for it.  I am currently eying her Space Ranger kit, Galactic Alliance kit, and Never Grow Up.

One thing that is important before downloading all these kits is to make sure that you have something that will open them.  Many digi-scrappers use Adobe Photoshop, but I use Creative Memories Storybook Creator 3 Plus.  Both of these programs will set you back a few bones, but they are great at what they are for, and when you can download the content for free, it makes digital scrapbooking more affordable than it's traditional cousin.  The best part about digital versus traditional - once I have the kit, I can re-use the items over and over and when I want to print, I can print multiple copies of the same thing with no extra work.  I can also share them with friends and family easily.

It's a new world out there to preserve your memories - now how are you going to do it?

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