Friday, August 3, 2012

Fun Disney Photo Scavenger Hunt Challenge

One of my favorite sites is Mousescrappers.  It is a great community of people that love Disney and Scrapbooking - 2 things that I love.  You mix that with photography and scavenger hunts - 2 more things that I love and you have me quite giddy!
This year, for the first time, we have gotten the Annual Passes to Disneyland and have already gone twice.  We went in April for Spring Break and again in June for the Grand Opening of Cars Land and Buena Vista Street.  For each of these trips, Mousescrappers had photo scavenger hunts.  If you are planning a trip to Disney, I highly recommend printing out the list of things to find and participating.  It is a lot of fun.
In April, the challenge was to find the alphabet in the park by taking pictures of the signs.  You didn't need to find the whole alphabet, but once I got started, I wanted to find them all.
Here is the layout that I did for that one

Then, for June, the Challenge had a new list of items, of which you needed to find 15:
1. Take a photo of something that starts with the same first letter as your first name. It can be a letter itself or an item or character (ie. J for Jasmine, Jammitors, Jar, or Jewel).
2. Since Mid-May marks the end of the Flower and Garden festival take a photo that showcases how well Disney uses plants to decorate the parks. It can be a topiary, or just an arrangement of flowers in a vase, but try to be creative with your photo.
3. Since Mid-May is also the start of Star Wars weekends take a picture of someone with a lightsaber. Can be a character, one of the members of your party, or the Jedis in the Jedi Training Academy. Use your imagination!
4. Take a photo of a wishing well.
5. Take a photo of a bicycle.
6. Try to take a photo with as many Disney rides in it as you can. It will be fun to see how many we can get in one photo (please label the rides in the photo).
7. Take a photo of a restroom sign. Try to find unusual or themed ones. I can’t wait to see how many different and interesting ones there are.
8. Take a photo of some kind of wooden statue. It must be wood! Think of a totem pole or the Indian in Frontierland.
9. Take a photo of a street performer.
10. On my last trip I became obsessed with all of the different trashcans in Disney World. Take a photo of one you find interesting.
11. Take a photo of you and a cast member who helped you in some way.
12. Take a detail photo of something you have never noticed in the parks before. Detail means close up or highlighting one aspect of an item.
13. Take a photo of a meal, snack or drink that you didn’t like so much, try to get you or a party member in the photo with the offending item.
14. Take an up close photo of one of the major icons of the park you are in. If you are on a cruise take a photo of the ship or a major icon of the ship up close (figurehead, aquaduck, main entry chandelier etc..)
15. A photo of some fastpasses, extra kudos if you can show them and the fastpass time clock over the machines in the same photo.
16. Get a photo of something reflected in the water at a park or on a cruise, be creative.
17. Take a photo of Mickey ears of some kind. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a hat, I want to see what you can come up with.
18. A photo of Disney Balloons. Yeah I love Disney balloons.
19. Take a photo of the same spot outside in the morning and again at dusk to see how different they can look. Place them side by side on your layout.
20. Take a picture of a flag of some kind.
21. Take a photo of an umbrella.
22. We all like a good laugh so take a photo of something you find to be funny (a moment, a character acting out, a sign etc..)
23. I love seeing fireworks, so take a photo of some fireworks.
24. I also love night time photos. Take a photo of something at night. Try to be creative.
25. Try to find a merchandise display that really wows you and take a photo of it.
26. Take a photo of the park schedule or tip board. I don’t know if they have this on the cruise ships, but if you can find a schedule of the daily pool games or of the daily activities offered that day on the 
ship then that will work too.

Since we were going for the Cars Land Opening, I tried to do as many of pictures of that as possible.
Here are my 2 pages:

Such fun.  It definitely added a fun element to our Disney trip to be on the look out for these hunt items, so next time, you are traveling to the happiest place on earth, be sure to check out the current list of photo scavenger hunt items - I know that we will! :)

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