Sunday, March 6, 2011

Project 365 - Week 7 & 8 Completed

I am still going strong on my Project 365.  Now, I have completed 2 full months and I thought that I would give you what I have learned so far.
1 - It is okay to not have EVERY DAY accounted for.  I think if you stress about each day, the project would not be enjoyable for you.  I have skipped a few here and there, but I have taken a picture 98-99% of the time.
2 - Make sure to take pictures of things that are important to you as well as what has happened that day.  There are some days that you aren't really doing anything.  These are the perfect days to snap a picture of your favorite items.  This is a great way to really capture what your life was like this year.
I really like the fact that I am scrapbooking every week and that by the end of this, I will have an up-to-date completed yearly album (which I have been lagging on - I am still working on '03 the traditional style).

For week 7, I did something different.  I did a 2 page spread.:

Here is my week 8. 
I am so happy to have this much done, it makes me feel like I am getting stuff accomplished.


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