Sunday, February 6, 2011

Happy Super Bowl Day

Hello Friends!
Well today is Super Bowl.  One of the most watched things on TV all year.  Even if you don't like football, you may find yourself watching.  I myself am ambivalent about football.  I don't have anything against it, but I don't sit down to watch it.  However, I do like the whole atmosphere that the Super Bowl brings out.  All the food and parties and cheering.

Are you going to a party this year?  Do you have any Super Bowl traditions?  This year, we will be going to our friend's house for a Super Bowl Party.  I am looking forward to getting out (especially after being stuck indoors sick for most the week).  I don't know that I will cheering for one team or the other.  If I were to cheer for a team, it would be a gold and red team that did quite horribly this year (oh, the shame of the bad team).  Although, hopefully, with a new coach, maybe next year we have a better chance.  This year, I will just enjoy the company of friends - old and new.  Enjoy eating - thank goodness I can once again after strep.  Enjoy commercials - admit it, half the reason to watch, which is why the advertisers have to pay so much. And enjoy the beautiful weather that we have been blessed with the past few days.

So, rather you escape the football crazies for some "me-time" or join in the party - have a great Super Bowl Day!
hmm, reminds me that I have never made a football themed cake . . .

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  1. We just had our own goodies & watched at home. I root against the Steelers, being an old die hard Raider fan. Did get to see Aguilera mess up the anthem at the beginning of the game, thought I heard wrong. So I did end up rooting for the right team.


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