Sunday, February 13, 2011

How to Make Easy Hello Kitty Cupcakes

My daughters birthday always happens while she is not in school and she always seems to miss out sharing with her school friends.  All the other kids bring in treats to share and they get a special day in class.  My poor 8 yo has missed out on that, so this year, I decided to have her bring in a treat on another (random) day to celebrate with her class.  Her teacher loves Hello Kitty, so I thought that it would be cute to bring in Hello Kitty cupcakes for the girls and I also made Mario Brothers for the boys.
Today, I am going to show you how easy it is to make the Hello Kitty ones.
First, I made white cupcakes and chocolate cupcakes (I needed at least 27).  Make sure to only fill your cupcake tin 2/3 full or they are too big to ice evenly.  Also, let's be honest, most kids lick off the frosting and throw away the cupcake anyway. ;-)  I used mostly the white ones and only filled in some with the chocolate.

Now, on to the Kittys!
First roll out some white fondant (you do not need a ton for this).  I rolled it out about 1/4" thick.

I cut out the head shapes with this flower cutter from Wilton called the Garden Shape Cut-Out:

I was trying to figure out how to make the head without having to add ears to each one.  I found this cutter which was perfect.  Sometimes, you have to look for the potential of something.

After you have cut out your flower shapes, using a sharp knife, cut off the middle point of the flower, leaving the 2 outer "ears".
Now, you could leave it like it is, however, if you have checked out Hello Kitty, you will notice that her face is more oval with nice wide cheeks, so with a rounded tool (A Ball tool and a Fondant Shaping Sponge Set), you can quickly make her face the right shape. 
Lightly roll the ball tool across the cheeks, rolling out to either side of the cheeks.  As you roll from the center out to each cheek, the fondant will lengthen in that direction.
Put the white heads under a glass to keep them from drying out while you work on the other face pieces.
I added hot pink to the white to create the bows.  To make a dozen bows, you only need a ball of fondant about 1 1/2".  To start the bow, take a very small ball (about 1/4") and roll into an oval about 1/2".  Using you tool, press in the center all the way around it, until you have formed a center.
Using a flat tool like a dull knife, make the indentations for the folds in the bow fabric.  Then add a small piece of fondant for the center of the bow.
You can chose to add each element as you make them, like I did.  Using clear vanilla extract or water and a paint brush, brush on a small amount where you want to affix the bows.  After laying them on, you can use your tool to press the edges of the bow into the head to make sure that they are affixed well.
Now, onto the nose. I took my remain hot pink fondant and added more white fondant to create a light pink for the noses.  You need even less of this color.  Roll a very small ball, about 1/6" and flatten into a small oval.  Affix to the center of the face.
For the eyes, you will need a small amount of black fondant.  Make a 1/4" small black ball and roll into a long oval and flatten.  Place on face with the ovals up.
For the whiskers, roll very small ribbons of black.  Add 2-3 whiskers to each side of the face. 
Now, you are ready to add them to the cupcakes!  I tinted white icing with pink and placed it in an icing bag.  I cut about 3/4" off the tip.  I then piped the icing in a swirl on top.  I also created simple pink flowers with my leftover 2 pink colors of fondant and a flower fondant cutter. Here is the finished products

Give them a try, they are really easy!  Super cute, too.

Stay tuned for how to make easy Mario Mushroom and Stars.



  1. That icing really looks smooth, is it your own or canned icing. Looks yummy, where's mine?
    Aunt B

  2. Those are so cute! You are so smart! I would of been looking for a hello kitty cookie cutter! Thanks - Also, I love how smooth your frosting looks, can you share you recipe? Thanks! Kelly

  3. Hi, Kelly - Thanks for the compliment. Ironically the frosting is just canned (I can't remember which brand). I took it out of the can, add frosting color (not food coloring) and iced them. Normally, I do make my own, but I was in a hurry to get them done before school got out.


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