Sunday, February 27, 2011

How to Throw an Award Party

In doing my Oscar blog, it got me thinking more and more about the party that I planned for my Mom's Club a few years ago.  It was such a cool party and much needed.

I started it off purchasing theses cute Award invites from my local party store.  I like that they mimic an award and you seal them with a star.  I printed yellow spots with info about the party onto sticker paper and then punched them out with my star punch. They said things like, "Gifts", "Board Installation", "Award Ceremony", Cost info, "Fabulous Lunch", "Circle of Friendship", RSVP info, "Thanks Yous", and "Raffle Prizes". I also added an additional separate slip with more info on the raffles and who it benefits (since we are a non-profit, our raffles helped the Make-A-Wish foundation) .

Upon arrival, the guests walked the red carpet which had the Walk of Fame.  One of our members had the "red carpet" from a previous award party and the Oscar stand, so we borrowed it.  Really, you could have your own red carpet using a remnant or fabric swatch.  The best fabric, would probably be something like felt that is inexpensive and wouldn't move as much under foot.
Each star was easily made using an individual sticky-back linoleum tile.  To that, I added a clear address label with each mom's name printed on it and our logo underneath.

As we waited for guests to arrive, everyone found their seats and checked out the raffles.  The raffle prizes were each wrapped in black, gold, and white.  We had received a ton of donations to help the Make-A-Wish foundation.  It was very exciting.

After everyone arrived, we played an ice breaker game, called Purse Scavenger Hunt that I had pre-printed earlier.  You got points for each thing that you had in your purse.  You would have thought that I would have done better since I knew what you should have in your purse.  If I did this right now, I would have gotten a much better score!

 A month before, I e-mailed a voting ballot to each Mom asking for her to vote for her fellow Mom's in each category.  They were things like the Martha Stewart Award, The Mother Teresa, The Welcome Wagon, etc.  I gathered all the votes and got the awards prepared ahead of time.  I made sure that each mom in attendance received an award.  The envelopes with the winner were sealed with a gold star sticker and I opened them to hand out the award trophy.  Each trophy had the name of the award printed on a clear label.  Some Mom's were very surprised by the awards that they received.

I must mention the restaurant was selected since it such a great local restaurant.  It was open only for us, so we had it all to ourselves.  It is called Boulevard Bistro and they actually created a special menu just for us.  The food was fabulous and was perfect for our theme.

At each person's seat was their "swag".  I put together a gift for each person that included "pearls", dinner certificates, Victoria Secret samples, 100 Grand bars, movie certificate, popcorn and a popcorn bucket.

Everyone had a fabulous time and went home with cool stuff.
Lots of fun!


  1. My long time friend just came by to see me & I showed her pictures of your Thanksgiving cake & stage coach & she just thinks you are so talented, she was really impressed. I still think you should be a party planner or something like that.

  2. Cute blog! I just read your comment on my blog train post - I hope you were able to tell your 5 yo "yes!" about the cake! :) My son wants a "knight castle" cake for his bday in two weeks...we'll see how that comes together!

  3. thanks!
    Ashley - I have done a castle cake. Wilton sells a kit that comes with all the turrets and instructions. To be honest though, as a beginner, it took me 17 hours (I probably took it a little far with flowers, sparkles, etc.)
    I have also seen some using ice cream cones for the towers. Good Luck!

  4. Thanks! I actually looked into that one, but decided to create a simpler version - there's a chance I'll be in labor when the day of the party comes, so wanted something the mom and MIL could put together. :) Have done lots of fondant-covered ones in the past and they've helped, so hopefully this will go off w/o a hitch. I'm still thinking about getting the Wilton one though - just too terribly cute to pass up! LOL!

  5. Good luck on the cake and delivery.
    Just thought that I would add - Graham crackers and licorice shoelaces would make a great draw bridge


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