Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How to be Inspired

I took a trip to the library today.  I had originally planned to go to the storytime for my little guy, but since he was asleep, I spent the hour wandering the aisles.  I found so many treasures.

Whenever I look for new ideas, the best thing that I do is to visit the library or book store.  Combing the rows alone will show you how much is out there to learn.  I love to own books (obviously!  as per my previous posts), but a good library visit can unearth tons of neat ideas.  I came home with so many books that they told me that I was 2 way from my limit!

book glutton?
So, what did I get?
Monsters Eat Whiny Children (to read to my kids) :)
Cake Art (for cake inspiration)
Parties That Wow (for inspiration in planning parties)
Button and Stitch - Supercute Ways to Use Your Button Stash (for kids to make stuff)
Crafting Fun Stuff with a Crowd of Kids (for my mom's club)
A Zombie Ate my Cupcake (just because it was a funny cookbook)
Blonde Bombshell (to read)
Meet Bill dvd (never saw this one)
Angels & Demons dvd (I couldn't ever remember watching this one - unlike the rest of the world, I did not enjoy his 2 books, so I was not quick to run out and watch the movies)
Bionicle Graphic Novel (for my 10 yo)
Miss Spider Scavenger Hunt CD-Rom (for my 5 yo)
Piano for Kids CD-Rom (for my girls)
Neverwhere (to read)
Cirque de Freak bk 1 (for my 10 yo)
Peter& and Starcatchers (for my 10 yo)

It was such a nice time browsing the shelves that I may make a weekly visit.  Soon, I should have some new "How to" topics for you to enjoy.  So, the next time you need a little inspiration, take a trip to the library.

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