Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Project 365: A Scrapbookers Side

Good Morning all.  I don't know about you, but after 2 weeks off of our regular schedule (especially following New Years), I am having a hard time getting myself back on a sleeping schedule.  Luckily, I have a baby to wake me up, so the kids were not late to school!  Kinda wish that I was still in bed though!

On another subject, my husband and I were talking about "being out on the web" and have decided that there will be no pictures of the kids or us on here.  I wish that the world were a place that you did not have to worry about pedophiles, stalkers, theft, etc.  That you could just be yourself on-line and not have to talk in code or edit yourself.  Until that day comes, my pictures on this blog will not be of my family and I will not use their names on here. 

Like I said before, a scrapbooker wants to create an album (rather on-line or traditionally) that captures a year of time.  There are 5 basic ways to do this.
1.  Take a photo every day and create a layout with it (you would have 31 layouts for January).  This style seems more gauged towards on-line bloggers, facebookers, etc.  It seems kinda daunting to me.  I mean, WOW, 356 page layouts!  It would seem that you could get off track much easier.
2. Take a photo every day and create a weekly layout. You would have a 52 page album at the end of the year.  This seems much more do-able.  I also am thinking of trying a monthly one and will share after the end of January.
3.  Once a week, take a series of photos on the same day of the same subject and do a layout of it.  This makes it even easier.  You don't have to worry/stress about carrying your camera with you every second and could capture some fun moment each week. Also, your layout would come more easy to match whatever your theme is.
4.  Once a month, chose the day and theme and take a bunch of photos to create 1-6 layouts.  An example for January might be a trip to the snow.
5.  Do a layout of all the photos that you randomly took that month. I saw a very cute layout using a calendar mask to display a month's worth of photos.
Here is a bunch of layouts and ideas from their 365 last year:
On their list for 2010, this week's theme would be "about me" and you would photograph "an object I love" for Wednesday.  This is a great way to capture who you are.

Something that I love is my books.  I don't know if I could just choose one.  Even this, is just a small section of my books.  I think that the books you read say something about you - I just not sure what these say about me :)

One thing that I have found on all sites is that this is supposed to be fun and not be stressful.  Not matter what style you chose, you should not stress about.  Don't worry about missing a day.  Just do what you can.  Didn't do the first 5 days?  No problem, just start now.  You can start at any time of the day or month, just so that you start.

Now, I just need to start the layouts of these photos.    For this first month, I was going to try to do both challenges and both kinds of layouts to tell which is easier/better.  Then, I will continue with that one.

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