Sunday, January 16, 2011

How to Throw a Sparling Tea Party - the cake

I thought that I would give you some more information on how I made the tea pot cake.  While it may look difficult, it was very easy.  As 3-D cakes go, this one is much easier than others that I have worked one.
This is my Handle and this is my Spout. . .
One of the first things that I started with was the handle and spout.  I hand formed them out of store bought fondant.  As I have said before, I have since learned how to make Marshmallow Fondant which knocks the store bought out of the water.  Also, if I were to redo this cake, I might try to either make this out of gumpaste or even shape it out of styrofoam and just cover in fondant.  Two problems that I encountered with them were that they were so heavy, it was hard to keep them attached to the cake, and while they dried, the backside flattened.  After I formed the pieces, I dried them in a pan.  It would have been better on a soft surface, so that they didn't flatten, but I reshaped a little.  I attached them to the cake with skewers.

The bottom cake is a basic 8" round with a light pink fondant "tablecloth". 
The round cake was made using the Wilton Sports Ball Pan:

There are so many uses for this pan.  You simply fill each half with your chosen cake batter (I used white) and bake in the oven using the little round "feet".  After baking and cooling, I placed buttercream between the halves and a little buttercream where you place it to stick it in place.  At this point, you would crumb coat it.  Crumb coating is where you place a thin layer of icing, usually buttercream, all over the cake,  This seals the crumbs so that your top layer looks nice without crumbs.  It also smooths the surface for the fondant.  Probably the only hard part of this process was getting the fondant smooth on a round object.
I added all the elements together.  I used flower fondant cutters and colored pink fondant to make the flowers and a leaf cutter and green fondant for the leaves.  You can attach the embellishments with water, but it can run easier.  Clear vanilla extract is a better thing to use.
The lid is a small piece of the round cake that I cut off the cake top and covered in fondant and then used a gumdrop for the lid handle.

All in all, pretty easy and simple.

I hope you can use my information to throw your own fabulous tea party!
btw - feel free to send me any questions as always or any suggestions for future how tos.

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