Monday, January 24, 2011

Project 365: Week 4 Completed

Happy Monday!
We have had a pretty busy week last week.  My 9 month old finally got his first tooth and we had a very long sleepless night because of it.  He is also learning to walk which is very cool.  With all that fills our busy lives, I made sure to stay on track with my Project 365; taking a photo every day and here is my weekly layout:

I wanted to remind you that it is really easy to stay on track.  I ditched all the themes and "plans" for taking pictures.  I found that only made me feel like it was too much.  But it has been easy to find time to click of picture of something, anything, at least once a day. You should give it a try.  A photography project like this can be started at any time.

We have had some beautiful sunny days.  After so many cold, rainy, and/or foggy days, this weather has been a welcome change. 
In addition to this page, I also was able to work on my own album and to work on my album of authors that I have met and books that I have signed.  I have always wanted to showcase all my special books and photos of authors in one place.  Once I have it further along, I can share it.
I hope you have a beautiful day and a nice week,

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