Sunday, December 9, 2012

12 Days of Christmas (Day 1 - embellishing a clipboard)

Welcome back!
Now that you have all your supplies and you have created your labels with your 12 days, it is time to start working on the days.  I must admit that today's (Day 1) and the last day's (day 12) are really the ones that  I spent time on.
I went ahead a bought inexpensive, generic recycled hardboard Staples clipboards.
The first step is to measure your paper to cover the surface.  I found that the board was just a tiny bit too tall to be covered by the 12x12 paper that I purchased.  I cut the paper to fit side-to-side.  Since it came up a little past the part that connects the silver clip to the board, I cut out a little rectangle out of the top for it to fit around it.  Make sure to trim off the rounded corners on the bottom, too.  I covered the back as well, so I cut another coordinating piece to fit the back.  This leaves a 3/4" at the top of the front and back that is uncovered.
The next step is to attach the paper to the board.  I first tried to do it with my regular scrapbook tape - bad idea.  When I tried to seal the top with the Mod Podge, it buckled badly.  Instead, lay down a good and complete layer of Mod Podge on the board and attach the paper that way.  Wait for it to dry.  Another tip for this step.  How do you get the Mod Podge under the clip without sealing it to the surface?  Using ribbon or thick string, tie the top hole to the bottom with it open as far as you can get it.  Don't forget to protect your surface so that you do not get it on anything else.
Step 3 would be to add any other additional decorations.  Since my front paper was already very busy, I only added a ribbon to cover that top 3/4" that was blank.  The back was fairly busy, too, but I wanted to personalize it, so I used my Sizzix to cut out the letters of their name in red paper.  To attached the individual letters, I ran them through my Zyron to add adhesive to the back and stuck them on haphazardly.
Step 4 is to then seal the top with Mod Podge.  You are going to want to add at least 3-5 layers, letting it dry in between.
After it is completely dry, you could use a sealer to make sure that it is no longer tacky, but I didn't do that.  I just went right ahead to step 5
Step 5 - package it up for giving.  I kept it pretty simple by making a bow out of the same ribbon that I used for the top of the clipboard.  I added my pre-made tag and walla - Done.
I already posted what the front of #1 looked like, but here is the back.
*sorry, I did not take a picture of the whole thing bow and all. 
That morning, I coached my girls about sneaking it onto their teacher's desks since it was supposed to be a surprise.  What I did not reckon with, is that other kids in class ratting us out.  BOTH my girls were able to sneak this first surprise onto the desks and BOTH of their teachers went "oh, where did this come from?" and BOTH of them had someone in class go, "that is from ____".  Darn!  So, maybe making it a secret from everyone would help.
Either way, I think that it is a fun gift.
Stayed turned for tomorrow much more simple gift.

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