Tuesday, December 11, 2012

12 Days of Christmas (Day 3)

I am back with Day 3 of the 12 Days of Christmas for a teacher.
This is another one that I changed.  Although I kept the gift the same, I didn't like the imagery of the poem for this one, which said something about the teacher wishing she/he could use the binder clips on the child's lips.  So, I changed the wording.

Here is the poem:
On the 3rd Day of Christmas,
I give 3 binder clips to you,
since some things shouldn't
be put together with glue!

Today's is even more simple than yesterday!
I bought a 15 pack of the medium size binder clips.  Again, I probably could have used the generic black ones, but I thought that these red ones were so festive and worked with everything else.  I took 3 out of the package and put them in a clear treat bag from my craft store.  These are the kind that you find to put hand-made candy in.  Then, I use curling ribbon to tie it shut and extra curled ribbon for decoration.

and that's it.  Pretty easy, right?
So, far the teachers have been loving getting all these little gifts.  They are feeling very special and telling all of their fellow teachers about it.
I highly recommend it.
Oh, on a side note - I really wish that I had had more time to shop around.  I was at Target today and saw that many of my items were there and less expensive than I paid at Staples.  So, plan ahead and get these on sale or look around.

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