Monday, December 17, 2012

12 Days of Christmas (Day 7 - paperclips)

Hello again!  I hope you had a great weekend.  I had a fabulous weekend with my family.
I wanted to speak first about what happened last Friday.  We were all shocked and horrified by the events that happened on December 14th, at Sandy Hook Elementary in CT.  I was in the middle of enjoying a holiday cookie exchange with my MOM'S Club friends when I heard about it.  As a mom with children the same ages as those that were taken from their families that day, I cannot tell you the sheer terror that I felt for those that are lost and for those that lost their little angels that day.  I could barely watch the news for days.  Here it was less than 2 weeks before Christmas.  I cannot even imagine.  I hope they find peace and some consolation.
With all of that happened, I find that it is even more important than ever to hug your family & friends, spend time together, and enjoy every moment that you have with them.  We gathered together with my family to do our annual cookie exchange and gathering.  I was so glad to take time from other activities to spend it with them.

So, I promised that today's post would be an easy one, and it is.  Today's poem reads:
For the 7th day of Christmas,
here are 7 paperclips,
multiplied by 10,
Hope you're enjoying this
'cause tomorrow, I'll do it again!

The original post had the paperclips listed on Day 8 and gum as day 7.  I did not find gum in a 7 pack.  In fact, it was rather difficult to find fum in a small pack at all.  At my grocery store, they are were 15 packs.  I ended up finding a double 8-pack of Eclipse gum at the Dollar Tree.  So, I shifted the paperclips to 7.  The paperclips could have been basic silver ones and they would have been even cheaper, but I decided to go with the nicer red plastic coated ones.  I thought they looked much more festive.  I kept the extra 30, out of the 100 pack of paperclips.

I bagged up 70 paperclips in a clear candy bag that I had and tied it up with curling ribbon, attaching the tag to the top.  Bam!  Simple, right??

We are getting closer to the final project!  Be back tomorrow

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