Friday, December 14, 2012

12 Days of Christmas (Day 6 - Snowman Hot Cocoa holder)

Hello, out there in Digi-land.  We have reached the half-way point of our 12 Days of Christmas for a teacher.  I am excited to bring you today's gift as it is extra special.  Today, you would be giving your teacher 6 packets of Hot Cocoa with marshmallows.  Again, I 'could' have just bagged it up and added a bow - but where would the fun be in that!?!  Here is what I came up with

Now, the poem reads:
For the 6th day of Christmas,
cold hands, face and toes,
warm up with these 6 packs
of cocoa and marshmallows.

I found this cute idea on Pinterest (where else ;) ) for making up little gifts of Hot Cocoa.  The original idea came from Split Coast Stampers which is a site for stampers.  They used more stamping supplies.  They did theirs to be a whole gift with cocoa, marshmallows, candy cane, etc.  I simplified mine a little more.  Here is supplies that you need:

6 packets of cocoa and marshmallow
8.5"x11" white card stock
Strip of red card stock (about 3/4" x 11")
large 1" googlie eyes (but you could draw them on with black instead)
large 1 1/2" red pom poms
holiday ribbon
orange marker
black marker/Sharpie
pink ink pad (I used my chalk pad)
sponge dauber

adhesive (I used white glue & scrapbook tape)

The most ironic thing about this list is that I only had to buy the red pom poms.  I actually had everything else.

Step 1 - determine the size that you need your snowman to be.  It needs to be big enough for your hot cocoa and marshmallows.  I measured my white paper with lines at 2" from each side and 4" from the top and bottom.
 Step 2 - Cut the lines on the side and then fold at the lines.

Step 3 - Turn it back to the front and daub the pink chalk about 1 1/2" down and just at either side of the front.  These are his cheeks.  If you only have regular pink ink, you can use that.  I just happen to have a chalk pad and this dauber, so this is what I used.  
Step 4 - Glue eyes and draw nose and mouth.  Using white glue, add the eyes near the cheeks.  I hand drew the orange "carrot" nose and the black squiggling mouth.

Step 5 - Glue Pom Poms onto the red strip and leave to dry.

Step 6 - add sticky tape to the flaps to put box together.

Step 7 - Using your adhesive/scrapbook tape, attach his ear muffs
Step 8 - Add his scarf.  I used the scrapbook adhesive all along the bottom of the box and then ran the ribbon along it.  Lastly, I tied off the "scarf" in a simple knot at the front.
 Step 9 - Add cocoa and marshmallow and share :)
*a note, for the marshmallows, I used a ziplock bag and added as many mm as would fit on the side of the cocoa.

I think these are so cute, I wanna make some for everyone.
Of course, if any of these are "too much" for you, you could just do them simply and wrap them with ribbon.
Tomorrow's will be simple.

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