Monday, December 10, 2012

12 Days of Christmas (Day 2)

As I promised, today's post is MUCH easier.
The poem for today reads:
The 2nd Day of Christmas
Your students are busy like hens
You can correct their papers
with these two red pens

Like I mentioned before, the original post had 2 red sharpies as the gift with a slightly different poem.  To get 2 red sharpies, I would either have to buy a dozen for $10 or 2 multi-color packs for $6/each.  Also, I just didn't think that teachers would get as much use out of 2 red Sharpies, as they would 2 red regular pens.  I did purchase a 'nice' red pen pack (with an ergonomic comfort grip) by Zebra.  It was a pack of 7, so I have 3 left over for me (with 2 for each of my girl's teachers).

I kept it simple, but nice.  I took curling ribbon and tied first a red ribbon around both pens and slid it up the shafts, just under the clip.  Then, I tied a white curling ribbon the same way and slid it next to the red ribbon.  I then wrapped the red and then white around the 2 pens to create a candy cane effect.  Last, I added a bunch of curling ribbon and curled it.  Adding the tag to the mix.

And, you are done!

Hope you are enjoying these.  Be back for tomorrow's Day 3

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