Friday, December 21, 2012

12 Days of Christmas (Day 11 - 11 pencils)

I have had such a great time getting all of these gifts ready for the teachers.  Taking something so useful and non-exciting and making it cute, interesting and fun.  Here we are on the 2nd to last day with something that every teacher uses - Pencils!
I got a 24 pack of the Ticonderoga - the best pencils.  I split them up and bundled 11 pencils for each teachers (and got to keep 2).  Again, you could get the cheap, Dollar Store variety, but I know that many times those pencils are not worth even sharpening.
I kept it very simple - wrapping them in red and white curling ribbon like I did the red pens on the 2nd day.  Making them look like a candy cane and attached extra curling ribbon and the tag, which reads:

For the 11th day of Christmas,
Some pencils I hope you'll need,
(school name) is so lucky
to have you, indeed!

So, only 1 day left.  The final reveal is coming up.  It is an extra special gift.  I spent quite a bit of time creating them.  
Another quick crafty item.  I wanted to share what I did for my 12 yo's teachers.  Now that he is in middle school, he has 6 teachers.  I couldn't do something like the 12 days for 6 teachers, and I didn't want to do something too "cute" (embarrassment is a factor for 7th grade boys).  I thought that something useful, easy to carry 6 of them, and inexpensive.  I got your basic Composition Books at Target for .94 each (plus 5% off using the Red Card).  If you picked up a bunch during the back to school sales, they were only .50 each.  Anyway, I decorated each one with papers appropriate for that teacher's subject, added ribbon with a loop for a pen and gift done!

For his science teacher

For his pre-calculus teacher

For his English Language Art teacher

For his Social Science/History teacher

For his World Language teacher

For his PE teacher
Be back tomorrow with the big reveal!
Merry Christmas

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