Thursday, December 13, 2012

12 Days of Christmas (Day 5 - Popcorn)

We made it to Day 5.  Today's gift can be as simple or extravagant as you want.  I added a little extra to the packaging of this one.

Today's Poem should read:
For the 5th day of Christmas,
some popcorn for a snack,
sorry, that's all the food
I could fit in my backpack!

So, anyway you want to package 5 packages of popcorn will work.  To keep things simple, you could just wrap up 5 with ribbon.  I had purchased a box of 10 for the 2 teachers, so I was not giving them an entire box, which means I needed to add some sort of package.  I had the clear treat bags on hand already and 5 packs of popcorn fit perfectly . . .well, almost perfectly - it left very little room at the top to tie it off with ribbon or anything.  The only option was to staple it closed which looked messy.  That is when I came up with the idea to make a coordinating bag topper.
A bag topper is very simple.  First, measure the width of the bag.  In my case, I needed it to be about 5" wide.  Then, determine how high you want the tag to be and double it.  I wanted mine pretty short, so my tag ended up being 2 3/4" tall (about 1 1/2" doubled).  I made the tag digitally, but you could make it out of regular paper just as easily.  I created it with the same papers that I used for Day 5's tag.
I laid down first the grey background paper to the full size of the topper.  Then, I cut out the same shape in the striped paper, but made it 1/2" smaller in each direction (so that it has a 1/4" border on all sides).  Then, I added a cream rectangle another 1/2" smaller again.  Lastly, I added decorations, and the teacher's name.  Besides the Scrap Orchard Advent papers and swirl, I also used Chelle's Creations Naughty or Nice (elf flair), CC's Holiday Stitch-a-bet and Just So Scrappy's Big Top (popcorn).
After I created it digitally, I printed it out on the white card stock and cut it out and stapled it to the top of the popcorn.
I did add a little green metallic shred to make the bag look a little more festive.  The last step is to punch a hole in the bag topper and attach you Day 5 tag.
I think it was made a simple gift very cute.
I can't wait to share tomorrow's packaging.  :)
See you then.

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